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Not just an event app, a full-stack solution
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Run the best and most efficient conference ever

Waste less time by relying on one simple integrated tool from start to finish

Conference App

At the core of PheedLoop is a fully mobile and desktop app - from personal schedules, session/speaker profiles, and networking to live polls, questions and analytics, it's all here

Speaker Dashboards

Managing speakers is a nightmare - PheedLoop generates a personal dashboard for each allowing them to manage their own profile, files, polls, feedback, ask for help, and more

Your Dashboard

The simplest dashboard you'll ever use - manage tickets (optional) and promotions, schedules, sessions and speakers, registration pages, communication, analytics, and more

Why you've never seen anything like PheedLoop before

There are countless event app providers, ticketing platforms, survey builders, communication systems, and more out there. You need them all to run your conference, we get it.

PheedLoop puts all that in one place, plus way more, allowing you to use any or all of its features no matter which plan you purchase. For example, you won't find anything else that caters specifically to each of your speakers the way PheedLoop does.

Feature rich, yet so quick and affordable

You can literally launch and share fully branded and functional apps/pages within hours!

Works on any device, always looks great

Awesome design and responsiveness is so important to us. Everything is engineered to work on any mobile, tablet or desktop device running any operating system.

By keeping everything streamlined and web based, we offer this fully integrated platform at the lowest price on the market.

PheedLoop is built and influenced almost entirely by our customers and users

We take feedback and ideas from our customers, attendees, speakers, and event professionals very, very seriously. PheedLoop has grown to become a full conference technology solution not by design, but by influence.

We started out simply as a feedback collection tool for speakers in 2015. Engagement quickly became our focus, and we've worked tirelessly to make engineering and design decisions to maximize that for you.

90%Influenced by
our customers
94%Avg. Attendee

Explore PheedLoop's Features

Click through some of PheedLoop's major feature classes below!

Let's start by covering the basics

PheedLoop has a lot of dimensions to it, but hey - you don't have to use them all in order to make best use of the platform. Every conference is different!

Your dashboard is where you'll moderate everything, any time you want. It's where you can launch a new event and within minutes have the nuts and bolts in place to start putting your conference material out there.

Apply your brand, and manage your attendees, speakers, team, and sponsors. Assemble custom forms, custom sections of your app, launch communication campaigns, view performance and engagement analytics, feedback, and more.

Keep your speakers in check, engaged, and updated - build schedules and sessions in a snap


You'll be surprised by how easy it is to create your schedule! Upload or add sessions, and watch your schedule build itself on its own. Multi day, multi track, personal schedules for each attendee - all here.


Sessions are fully customizable, with their own descriptions, pictures, branding, uploaded files (like slides and anything else) and overall personality. From talks and panels, to registration and coffee breaks, just add a session!


Give your speakers a strong presense at your conference. Associate as many speakers to as many sessions, and optionally allow them to handle their own profiles, files/presentations, polls, questions, feedback, and more through their speaker dashboards.

Attendee engagement with PheedLoop is through the roof, here's why

Live Interaction

Attendees can learn about their speakers, connect, download files, etc. but PheedLoop allows for live polls, live question and answers, live feedback, and messaging.


Why not reward attendees for engaging with your conference? Set up raffles, and automatically reward your most engaged attendees.


Open channels for everyone at your event to communicate with each other. Private messaging and public discussion boards, keep the conversation flowing!

Custom Surveys

Instead of fiddling around with something like Survey Monkey and Google Forms, build out as many custom forms as you need through PheedLoop. Distribute fully branded surveys before, during, and after your conference. Embed them anywhere, and collect analytics.

Analytics and Data

Get invaluable insight into how people are interacting with your conference. We're constantly adding new analytics features, and making your data more presentable. From your registration pages and surveys, to the conference app itself, we track a lot!

Note: You don't have to use the registration and ticketing system for attendees to use PheedLoop - but we recommend it!


Use the built in registration system to onboard your attendees. Ask them any questions, optionally set up their schedules, and purchase tickets! Every conference comes with a custom registration micro-site.


If you opt to use PheedLoop to sell tickets (free or paid), you can apply discounts, promotions, currencies, and more. Payments are deposited straight to your bank account. All payment types are valid!

Let's face it, it's really hard to keep everyone on the same page

And e-mail tag with speakers, attendees, and sponsors is unbearable!


Launch announcements, send e-mail notifications, manage support tickets from attendees and speakers, and send custom templated and branded e-mails - all through PheedLoop. E-mail analytics to track opens and clicks coming soon also!


Use PheedLoop's many sponsor targeted features to show your sponsors why they matter - and get them the attention they deserve. Place their logos in subtle but frequent places, give them special access, and more.


Marketing your event is a part of PheedLoop Beta. Ask us to allow you to launch marketing campaigns to automate your social media, e-mail marketing, and in-app marketing.

A quick look at the conference app

The conference app is an important piece of your PheedLoop experience, have a look!

Engage attendees in an instant, on any device

Instant access to sessions, speakers, feedback submission, live polls and questions, personal schedules, networking, messaging, navigation, raffles, files, pictures, social media, announcements - and so much more!

Check Out a Sample App

Stay informed

Always informed of sessions, schedules, speakers, sponsors, announcements, etc.

Stay connected

Connected with each other, speakers, and the organinzing team at any time

Stay engaged

Live polls and questions, to discussions, media, and incentives, you always have a reason to stay engaged

We can't wait to get you started!

You'll have access to just about all our features, with limits and exceptions listed below.
Let us know if you're looking for something that fits your needs better.



  • All features
  • 1-2 day event
  • 20 speakers
  • 20 sessions
  • 350 attendees



  • All features
  • 1-4 day event
  • 50 speakers
  • 50 sessions
  • 1,000 attendees



  • All features
  • Unlimited days
  • Unlimited speakers
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Unlimited attendees

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